Supermarket Museum

Supermarket Museum

Do you remember your first visit to a supermarket? Today it may seem that megastores have always been here, but it’s just an illusion. They may disappear as quickly as they emerged in our landscape. But what does it mean, “quickly”?

“Supermarket Museum” is an international project carried out by the Agro-Perma Lab Foundation, which provides a critical look at the “supermarket culture”. The culture which displaces the values of social solidarity and ethical food production. Artists, agro-ecology and permaculture leaders, as well as volunteers from all over the world created an online audio-visual exhibition which:

consists of two different but related paths – one raises the issue of the supermarket culture, and the other presents effective alternatives: agro-ecology, permaculture, and food sovereignty,
it abounds in various artefacts – from audio recordings through photos and found footage, to a VR game.

You can find the “Supermarket Museum” webdoc here

Supermarket Museum Postcard, author: Ryska 
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